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Pros and Cons of Slate Roofs

Posted on by Pedro Jackson

Modern-day individuals opt for slate roofing structures as it imparts an elegant look to their houses. Slate roofs have a beautiful texture that sets them apart from other roofing materials. With the growing popularity of historic home renovations, slate is the first choice for most individuals. Unlike other roofing materials, slate requires little maintenance from the part of individuals. The benefits of slate roofs come in the form of distinctive appearance, increased life-span, and fire resistance capability. Firms that offer services of slate roofing in Sydney implement state-of-the-art equipment in their operations.

Slate Roofing

Pros of Slate Roofs

The benefits of installing slate roofs in houses are discussed as follows:


A large number of homeowners go with slate roofing structures because of their beauty and distinctive texture. Your house will get a new look if you install slate roofing structures. This caters to people with aesthetic tastes at large. Apart from this, slate can be found in a variety of colors that combine to create a unique color on each roof.

Low maintenance: 

This is another advantage of slate roofing structures that is ignored most of the time. If you take the least care of your slate roof, it can easily last for 50 years. Slate roofs are less prone to damages caused by molds. Moreover, they can withstand the adverse weather conditions which make most individuals opt for slate roofing structures.


Slate roofs have enhanced durability when compared to most other roofing structures. These roofs are resistant to unfavorable weather conditions. No doubt, this is a great advantage. Firms that offer services of slate roof repairs in Sydney deliver customized solutions at affordable costs. High-temperature fluctuations and inclement weather conditions in the form of heavy rain, snow, and wind do not affect this roofing material.

Increased home-value: 

The slate roof enhances the home-value in absolute terms. The permanence, durability, and aesthetic appeal of slate are the added advantages. Prospective buyers will be willing to buy a house that comprises of the slate roofing structure.


Fire outbreaks are common in high-rise buildings and commercial estates. If slate roofs are installed in these buildings and commercial estates, the instances of fire outbreaks can be minimized. Owing to its fire-resistant nature, slate roofs are increasingly popular among the modern-day individuals. Experts who provide slate roofing in Sydney services give effective suggestions to individuals regarding what needs to be done during emergencies.

Cons of Slate Roofs

The drawbacks of installing slate roofing structures in houses are listed as follows:


 Though slate is a durable material, it tends to break if anyone walks on it.

The heavyweight of slate roofing tiles is another disadvantage. More often, slate tile range between 800-1500 pounds per square.

The homeowners need to assess the pros and cons of slate roofs before installing them in their houses. Companies that offer slate roof repairs in Sydney provide a 20-year warranty on all new work. Install slate roofs in your house and give it a new look.

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