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3 Wonderful Reasons You Can't Help But Fall In Love With Slate Roofing in Sydney

Posted on by Pedro Jackson

Slate roofing has turned out to be an increasingly common choice for homeowners in Sydney. Using slate roofing in Sydney dates back to 10 decades. This is later shoved out by concrete tiles, asphalt shingles, and additional materials as they can be delivered and established at a further economical price. However, as maximum people came across the goodness of slate roofing, it’s turning out to be a comeback. And, including everything of that, you similarly may want to count on it for your brand-new roof in Sydney. Check out the advantages of slate roofing that may help you choose one for a better shelter purpose. 

Slate Roofing

1. Slate Roofing Is Exceptionally Long-lasting

When compared to other roofing materials in Sydney, slates are built to last for a long time. Others may have a span of a few decades; whereas slates can survive for almost 100 years with proper slate roof repairs in Sydney. Also, with appropriate installation by an experienced roofing expert, these can remain structurally sound for over 2 centuries. 

Additionally, it is one of the best fire-resistant roofing elements available in the Sydney market. Slate shingles don’t burn like asphalt and wood shingles. This is one of the biggest plus points for many home dwellers in Sydney. Furthermore, it may also help reduce your home insurance premiums. Slate roofing may seem expensive in the beginning, but when you add the cost against the benefits, spending those extra pennies will not harm your pocket. 

2. Slate Roofs Look Astonishing on Your Home

Slate roofs can bring the best out of your ordinary home. Sophisticated home dwellers are attracted to slate roofing in Sydney due to their characteristics and aesthetic sense. The roofing material is a real stone product, originated from a kind of metamorphic rock or stone. This is something that makes it uniquely beautiful.

Slate roofing material is widely available in a mixture of shades to suit any structural form and colour palette. Blue-grey, black, and grey are one of the most popular shades. However, slate shingles in hues of green, red and purple are additionally available in a vast assortment. 

These are generally oblong or four-sided in shape accessible in a variety of depths. But, for added aesthetic interest, several homeowners choose multi-dimensional forms, including half-moon, hexagonal and bullnose shapes. 

3. Slate Roofing Needs Little Maintenance

You need to spend nothing or very little when it comes to slate roof repairs in Sydney. Once fixed, slate roofs need little attention. In truth, the only consideration your slate roof may require is an annual roof inspection. But, sometimes, natural calamities may damage or break the roof which can be taken care of by a professional roofing contractor. 


If you are still confused about choosing the perfect material for your roof in Sydney, go through the above-mentioned points again. And, if you are worried about installation costs, reach out to any professional roofer near you. They can help you determine whether this roof type is right for you home or not. 

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