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Types Of Slate Roof Tiles

Posted on by Pedro Jackson

Slates have been utilised as a roofing material for centuries. Earlier, one would use natural slate roof tiles. But, these days, artificial and various other types of slate tiles have become very popular. Check out the commonly used slate tiles used nowadays.

Slate Roof Tiles

1. Natural slate roof tiles

Natural slate roof tiles are made of natural stone which originates from the quarries in Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. Natural slate roofing tiles are well protected against storms due to their durability and stability. Furthermore, these tiles can be used for roofs with varying roof shapes due to their wide range of shapes and shades. This is because each quarry manufactures its slate type, which makes the colours so diverse. Variations in colour and dimension may appear within the slates; however, this is a built-in characteristic to a natural material like slate. 

Moreover, natural slates possess the texture and colour of the natural stone. The shade ranges from grey to green, blue, brown and anthracite. The tiny imperfections between the slate tiles provide the slate roof with a natural appearance. These roof tiles are ideal for slate roof replacement as slate is unique and possesses a particular look that cannot be compared to anything else. Besides, a natural slate roof covering will last a lifetime.
2. Artificial slates (fibre cement slates)

Artificial slates are made from fibre cement. They contain synthetic fibres that make them light and strong. These roof tiles are commonly used due to their wide range of colour and size variations. Moreover, these tiles have an excellent price-quality ratio. Artificial slate tiles are available in a variety of grey and brown shades, but some people also choose their red and brown variants.
Fibre cement slate has a tight and smooth appearance due to the same composition throughout. Moreover, various architectural roof designs are possible with artificial slate roof tiles as they can be installed in different ways.
3. Bitumen slates (bituminous slates)

Bitumen slates, also known as roof shingles, are made up of long bitumen strips. Bitumen slates are flexible and light slates that you can easily cut to varied sizes. These roof shingles are often seen on carports, aviaries, garden sheds, and sauna huts. Furthermore, you can additionally choose to install them on the steep roof of your house. These roof tiles are available in numerous shades and finishes. Roofing contractors fix them onto the roof with the help of nails with a broadhead. Bitumen slate tiles have a lifespan of approximately 25 years. This type of slate roof covering is commonly used for Australian houses.

Are you looking to replace your slate roof? If yes, the first thing you need to do is reach out to a professional roofing contractor to get your slate roof replacement estimates and quotes. Next, go through the points as mentioned above to choose your preferred roof tile type. Keep in mine - slate roofs are much more durable when you compare it with other kinds of roof tiles. So, these are worth the investment. 

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