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Get to know about the different varieties of roofing shingles

Posted on by Pedro Jackson

Do you know roofing shingles are amongst the most affordable roofing materials available?

Yes, you heard it right! They are amongst the most sought after items in today’s market. But what else makes them so special? Well, they not only protect your home from being harmed but also imparts a distinctive and classy look to the building.


All-in-all, they enhance the overall appearance of your house by a great margin. So, how much are you aware of its different varieties? Well, ample research work prior to purchasing anything always reaps off great benefits. And roof shingles are no exception either!

As you begin the journey of repairing or replacing your roofs after a harsh season, do a quick research about them first and only then proceed. Provide your house with the most attractive and durable products like timber roof shingles it so deserves! 

We will help you out in this process. Read on and you will know more about them in-depth.

A brief look into the different roof shingle types

●Slate shingles

This was quite popular in older days and looks like the charm hasn’t faded even a bit, as people are still crazy about it. Whether it is heritage roofing in Sydney or something else, this type continues to dominate the market for its sheer appeal and durability!

Do you know what makes them the most durable? They are built out of natural stone and this is attributed to their impeccable strength! They tend to last for nearly a century or even more. 

What makes them unique, is their ability to withstand the heat while offering fine ventilation to the interiors of the room. However, they are quite expensive to install. But looking at their brilliance, durability and unparalleled utility, it seems kind of okay, doesn’t it? 

●Laminated shingles

Their popularity has skyrocketed in recent times and is considered to be an even alternative to that of slates! They provide color and depth that give character to roofs, making them look extremely special. 

When looked at from a distance they appear a lot like cedar or slate shingles without being excessively heavy. They are characterized by shadow lines and rounded tabs that add to their overall rich appearance. 

So, if you are aiming for good timber roof shingles and unable to get hold of slates, then then this is the second-best choice!

●Asphalt shingles

Even though there are different kinds of roofing products, the one preferred by many is the asphalt shingle! 

What’s so special about them? Well, they are easy to install, have lower costs and have proven to withstand extreme weather conditions. Thus, they are perfect for heritage roofing in Sydney. 

This is the reason why homeowners decide upon them when the above two are unavailable. Today, you can get them in loads of color variations. 

These 3 are the most popular kinds of roof shingle types that you can lay your hands upon! Choose either of them and your home will be benefited like nothing else is. 

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