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Benefits of Synthetic Slate Shingles

Posted on by Pedro Jackson

Authentic slate shingles have been the roofing material of choice for centuries. It was a common sight in estate homes, libraries, and cathedrals throughout Europe and the United States. Unlike other roofing materials, slate roofing shingles have an elegant look and aesthetic appeal. Now, the question is what makes a synthetic slate roof different from normal slate roofs? Synthetic slate shingles are an advancement on a construction classic. The materials used in making synthetic slate shingles are plastic and rubber.

slate roof installation

Agencies that offer slate roof replacement services have tons of professional expertise that make homeowners opt for them. Synthetic slate shingles also last longer than normal slate shingles.

Advantages of Using Synthetic Slate Shingles

The major advantages of using synthetic slate shingles are listed as follows:


 Millennials are preferring roofing materials that conform to sustainable standards. Synthetic slate shingles are considered a “green” building alternative for obvious reasons. These shingles can also be recycled after a roof’s usable life while contributing to the environment.


This is undoubtedly one of the most important benefits of synthetic slate shingles. If you want your roofing structure to be long-lasting, go with synthetic slate roofs. These roofing shingles can stand the test of time while resisting adverse weather circumstances like extreme cold, snow or rain. Another thing is that synthetic slate shingles require minimal maintenance from the part of homeowners. According to professional roofers, synthetic slate shingles are more durable than authentic slate. The synthetic slate contains advanced ultraviolet inhibitors that protect your house from harmful UV rays.

c)Safety built-in: 

Synthetic slate shingles conform to safety standards in every aspect. This variety of slate tiles contains modifiers to minimize roof damages caused by storms. Synthetic slate roof tiles have built-in safety features that make them a prefered choice to most homeowners. These shingles have Class 4 impact resistance, the highest level for roofing materials. Some synthetic slates also have a high fire-resistance rating of Class A. They are not easily inflammable and do not spread the fire.

d)Aesthetic appeal: 

If you want to give your house a glamorous look, synthetic slate shingles can be the best choice for you. There is hardly any roofing material that can match the sheer elegance of synthetic slate roofs. People with aesthetic tastes look no farther than synthetic slate tiles for installing it in their homes. Firms that provide slate roof replacement services give effective suggestions to individuals regarding the protection of their roofing structure.

e)Easy installation technique: 

Transportation and installation of synthetic slate roofs are easier than general slate roofing structures. Synthetic slate shingles are also lighter than asphalt shingles. Because of their lightweight nature, they can be easily installed on a standard roofing structure without the need for special reinforcement. This makes synthetic slate roofs an ideal choice for mainstream residential construction.

Synthetic slate roofs hold an array of benefits for homeowners. Synthetic slate roof tiles have the above-mentioned unique characteristics that set them apart from other roofing structures. Install a synthetic slate roof on your house and reap increasing benefits.

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