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Some Important Facts About Slate Roofs

Posted on by Pedro Jackson

Some Important Facts About Slate Roofs


slate roof installation

If you are planning to install a slate roof in your house, it is undoubtedly a fantastic idea. But, before installing these aesthetic roofing shingles, you should know some important facts about them. For availing of the full benefits of slate roofing structures, they need to be installed properly. Hiring a professional can do the work for you. There are several benefits associated with slate roofing structures. Slate tiles make your house resistant to adverse weather conditions. Agencies that provide Sydney slate roofing services implement cutting-edge accessories in their operations.

Why Should You Choose Slate Roof Tiles?

The best thing about slate roof tiles is that they are 100% fireproof, waterproof and will outlast your life. Unlike most other roofing structures, slate shingles require minimal maintenance from the part of homeowners. This is indeed a major advantage. The use of slate roofing dates back more than 4000 years. As slate is a natural product, it enhances the beauty and style of your house in more ways than one. Slate has the power to add value to your property. This is another significant aspect that differentiates slate shingles from other roofing structures.

What is Slate?

Slate is a solid rock formed hundreds of millions of years ago in the earth, from clay containing silts. Slate gets a natural and organic look as it is formed by strong compression causing fine grained clay flakes to regrow in planes perpendicular to the compression. When slate tiles are cut in a quarry slate, it showcases very smooth sheets. When these gorgeous looking slates are put on your roof, it will give a refined look to your house. What is more, slate tiles are also found in numerous colors giving homeowners an array of choices. Firms that provide slate roof installation services have tons of professional expertise that make them reliable of all sorts.

Can Slate Roofs Withstand Hail Damage

Simplistically speaking, slate is durable, long-lasting, and can resist severe weather like hailstones. Places where massive afternoon storms are a common phenomenon, slate is the ideal roofing option. However, if there is any damage caused to the slate tiles because of the hail storm, you can easily replace these tiles. There is no need to replace a whole sheet of roofing if there is any damage. No doubt, it is a massive advantage of having slate tiles on your roof. Sydney slate roofing agencies don’t charge extra from their clients. They deliver quality services at the prevailing market rates.

What is Nail Sickness?

When repairing nails start to rust and deteriorate, nail sickness is the term given to them. If your slate roof is showing signs of nail sickness, you need to take immediate actions that otherwise can loosen the integrity of your house. If the slate tiles appear to be twisted, you will sense that it is passing through the nail sickness phase.

Remember that as slate roofs are heavy, they don’t fit into the structure of every house. Experts who provide services of slate roof installation give effective suggestions to homeowners regarding proper maintenance of their roofing structures. Get acquainted with the above-mentioned facts 


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